Southern Black Hills “Hometown” Radio

KZMX AM/FM / KRCR AM 27259 No. Wind Cave Rd.,Hot Springs, South Dakota 57747

(605) 745- 3637 Cell 891-9052 Email:


Your hometown radio stations are available to help you “ask for the sale”. Our purpose is to generate increased sales for your business. Our listening demographic is 13 to 70 years of age. Today’s younger generations love REAL rock and roll. Together we will ask these listeners to become a regular customer. !! Below are media buying strategies.


96 the mix is a collection of rock and roll history. We mixed classic rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s then mixed in new wave sounds from the 80’s and sprinkled in adult contemporary music from the last 50 years. NEW music with a similar groove are added regularly. Our goal…. all the music will have tempo, rhythm, and poetic storytelling. We want REAL rock and roll music from our unique American history NOT to be lost !! WE call 96 the mix renegade radio !

Morning show – The “renegade” Gary Baker 7am to 9am Monday to Friday.

Music Mix, Weird News, Real News (from the AP Associated Press), Community Calendar, The Future is Now, Interviews with local business owners, politicians, and experts/ personalities in a variety of fields.

Weather am/pm – Meteorologist Eric Gardner

Sunday Mix -Worship Music 8am to 12pm Sundays


Length of time 1 to 24 spots 25 to 48 49 to 59 60 +

15 Second Standard Time $ 77.00
15 Second DRIVE TIME $ 137.00

30 Second Standard Time $ 137.00
30 Second DRIVE TIME $ 254.00

60 Second Standard Time please change to $ 254.00
60 Second DRIVE TIME please change to $ 437.00

BULK BUYS Three Months Six Months Plus DOWNLOAD SHEET

Standard Air Times ( not drive times )

6am to 6pm

Monday to Friday

15 Sec. commercials
30 Sec. Commercials
60 spots monthly

$ .95 each

60 spots monthly $ 1.95 each
24 Free Weekend spots
24 Free Weekend spots
Drive Time

7am-9am, 11am-1pm


Monday to Friday

15 Sec. commercials
30 Sec. Commercials
60 Spots monthly $ 1.95 each
60 Spots monthly $ 3.90 each
24 Free Weekend spots and 40 overnight spots

( 6pm to 6am )